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Located on the Boston Road (R617) of KwaZulu-Natal, independent dolerite quarry Midmar Crushers has been in operation for over two decades. It is one of only two dolerite quarries in the area.

Dolerite is known to produce good quality aggregates.

It is a very hard, tough rock that is used to make high quality hardened concrete and durable road surfaces.

Midmar Crushers prides itself in providing real solutions to clients. This is embedded in the business philosophy which has resulted in the winning of consecutive awards for best independent quarry in South Africa from the Aggregate and Sand Producers Association of Southern Africa (ASPASA).

The drive to produce quality aggregates is seen in the testing of it, as both internal and external laboratories are used. This testing is done to ensure that the material meets Committee of Land Transport Officials (COLTO) specifications. These are specifications for the exclusive use by State Road Authorities for Road and Bridge Works.

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9.5mm Concrete stone

Product Description

An aggregate in concrete.



  • Used as a concrete mix for making products such as concrete, walls, decorative products such as cobble and paving stones and can be laid in pathways.

  • Used by brick and block manufacturers.

  • Used in the asphalt industry.

13.2mm Concrete stone

Product Description

An aggregate in concrete.


  • It is ideal for smaller builders where mixing concrete by hand, or with small concrete mixers

  • Used in the concrete industry for the production of concrete roads, curbing and housing lintels

19mm Concrete stone

Product Description

The most popular aggregate used in concrete.


  • It is favoured by most ready-mix plants, civil engineers, building contractors, asphalt industry and anyone making concrete by hand or with a concrete mixer.

  • It is also used as a filter stone for road construction projects.

Builders Blend

Product Description

This product is a blend of crusher dust, 9.5mm stone, 13.2mm stone and 19mm stone. It will produce concrete without the addition of river sand.


  • It can be used for most concrete applications by all users.

  • It can be mixed by hand or by a concrete mixer.

Gabion stone

Product Description

This is a very large crushed rock with a top size of about 300mm down to 100mm.


  • Used in road construction in stream crossings.

  • It is packed in steel wire baskets (Gabion baskets) to retain high walls along roads.

  • It is used to build walls (garden walls).

  • It can be used to prevent erosion.


Product Description

This is a crushed aggregate with a top size of 37.5mm down to dust. It is mostly used in road construction. After it is compacted this is the top product onto which asphalt or road surfacing stone is used.


  • It is used for parking areas and driveways. and has a long lifespan if sealed correctly.

  • Used as a foundation for buildings (homes, sheds, outbuildings, garages).


Product Description

It is a crushed product with a top size of 53mm down to fine dust. It is a specific product used below the G2 layer in the road construction industry.


  • Used as a base or fill material in building construction

  • It can also be used for repairing farm or gravel roads


Product Description

This is a low grade crushed product with a top size of 65mm down to dust.


  • Used as the bottom layer in road construction.

  • Used as a fill material or a lower base for large structures.



Product Description



  • Used in the manufacturing of concrete products such as blocks, bricks and pavers.

  • Very often used on new roads as a seal on top of crusher run prior to asphalting on chip spray operations.

  • Slurry seals are used on many existing roads to seal the road against water penetration.

Values and Goals

At Midmar Crushers we place an emphasis on producing high quality products that meet and exceed industry and environmental standards while consistently satisfying our customers individual needs and wants. Although we pride ourselves on our products, we also highly value the well-being and livelihood of our staff members and local communities who are the heartbeat of the area. We do not view our products as commodities, but rather as building blocks that will be used to create a positive change in the lives of people while they construct their own dream for their families and communities. Our aggregate has been used in the construction of roads and buildings and we view our product as being a fundamental ingredient that contributes to creating a safer and more productive society. Due to our beliefs, it is of utmost importance to us that we provide our customers with high quality products.

We strive on a daily basis to protect and sustain our environment and always adhere to strict environmental policies and procedures. Midmar Crushers has won several ASPASA awards in terms of the ISHE program and has been named Best Independent Quarry in the Environmental category for three consecutive years (2014-2016) as well as 2018.


Our goal is to provide customers and our community with high quality aggregates at an affordable rate. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always willing to assist customers in any way. Come and visit us to see how we can effect change through positive contact for your business.

Not sure about what you need?

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to help you along the way:

Would it be possible to make a product with a tighter specification?

We will gladly assist to produce any product to suit your particular needs.

Will you be able to supply product without interruption?

Yes we generally carry a minimum stockpile of 3000 tons and we also have backup equipment in case of breakdown.

Will you be able to deliver the product to my site?

Yes we use cartage contractors to transport the product at a cost.

Will it be possible for the product to be washed?

Yes we will certainly wash the product.

Can you deliver product on a pay week (month end)?

We always seek to delight our customers, we will gladly keep the weighbridge open to supply product.


As a member of ASPASA our quotes are subject to ASPASA Colto Exclusion Clause, a copy is available on request from ourselves or obtainable from ASPASA (www.aspasa.co.za).

All quotes are valid for 30 days unless specified differently.

Please ensure all your details are correct on the quotation as these details will reflect on your final invoice and statement.

Please inform us should you require any specific details on your quotation, delivery note or invoice (company name, reference number, etc).

Any discount structure that has been authorized by management is based on volume and will be project or time-frame specific.


All account customers are to have an approved account with Midmar Crushers (for account queries please contact accounts@midmarcrushers.co.za).

Account customers – it is advised to monitor your account, to avoid disappointment with orders and deliveries.

COD customer – please allow for a minimum of 24 hours for your payment to reflect in our bank account.

No product will be dispatched without payment having reflected in Midmar Crushers (PTY) LTD banking account.

All bank deposits and payments MUST reflect your reference number (please email proof of payment to sales3@midmargroup.co.za).


Detailed instructions regarding the commencement of supply.

Period of supply (requirements per day and over what time frame).

Detailed delivery address and a valid contact number.

Access for delivery – please ensure we are informed of any “special delivery instruction”.

Our behaviour and the behaviour of our people illustrate our values and beliefs and are a reflection of how we treat our customers. We offer top quality stone and you are guaranteed quality.

So whether youre building a road, bridge, or your home, we are here to assist you.

How We Crush it.

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Site Tel: 033 330 3646 or 033 330 3779

Address: Lot 50 Rietvallei, Lions River District

Business times:

7:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday

7:00 – 12:00 Saturday

Closed Sundays & Public holidays 

Compliments and Complaints

In order for our company to stay on top of our game, we’re always looking for honest feedback from our customers with regards to our products and service. Please do not hesitate to click on the button below to let us know of any problems experienced, or if you would like to send a compliment to our team.